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Read this first ~~> Disclaimer: The madness behind the minds

Mike D and I (Andrew C) met in Freshman year of college. Didn’t really start out as friends at first but we were both members of the Gamers club and the Anime Club (I was the president of it) and occasionally we would talk and shoot the shit. It wasn’t until we lived together off campus that we started to get to know each other and find out that we both could take off the wall ideas and stretch them out to their lengths and it would be rather amusing at times.

These kinds of conversations would happen pretty much at random, as either he or I would say something a bit off the cuff, then we would just continue until one of us broke rank and just started cracking up. We’ve never really had any reason to put these online, and I suppose there isn’t any reason to do it now except that through online IMing it makes it a lot easier to post these instead of having to type out every word we actually said… that would be more of a pain in the ass than it’s worth.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Fair warning there will be excessive use of cursing and some ideas you may not agree with… fucking deal with it. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Also, there will be no regular schedule of updates as any new convos will be posted after we have them and no sooner than that, this is more me keeping a record of good times with a friend I’m not able to see face to face because I’m working in a different country. If you get a chuckle from it, good on ya though. And if you seriously get offended by something… get the hell off my internets.


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