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February 13, 2011 / Corbin

We has us an artist!

we wouldn't really do this mind you

2:58:59 PM Andrew C: and i might add we has us an artist too
2:59:01 PM Mike D: Fool
2:59:12 PM Mike D: An artist?
2:59:19 PM Andrew C: yup
2:59:31 PM Andrew C: cause i’m that damn good at getting people to collaborate
2:59:55 PM Mike D: Lol nice. Now we just need to turn it into a web comic
3:00:25 PM Andrew C: nah
3:00:33 PM Andrew C: i’m thinking the banter stands on it’s own
3:00:47 PM Andrew C: but one picture at the top would add to the amusement
3:00:47 PM Mike D: What would the artist do then?
3:01:19 PM Mike D: I think an illistration for each would work too
3:01:39 PM Mike D: Like Jesus full of bullet holes. Or a person with circuit boards everywhere
3:02:05 PM Andrew C: actually for the computer overloards one
3:02:07 PM Mike D: Something to aid in the exposition
3:02:17 PM Andrew C: i was picturing you being raped by a pc monitor
3:02:22 PM Andrew C: not just raped
3:02:23 PM Mike D: It can be more than I picture!
3:02:28 PM Andrew C: tentacle raped
3:02:52 PM Andrew C: it’s more than you ever imagined!!!
3:02:58 PM Mike D: Sorry dude. I didn’t know you liked thinking about dudes getting raped
3:03:09 PM Andrew C: but yes something to aid in the exposition
3:03:15 PM Andrew C: hey they’ll be stick figures
3:03:27 PM Andrew C: and we all know female stick figures don’t have boobs
3:03:34 PM Andrew C: so i choose to think of it that way
3:03:36 PM Mike D: No I don’t think stick figures would work very well
3:03:49 PM Mike D: They do though
3:03:52 PM Andrew C: i’m thinking xkcd style
3:03:54 PM Andrew C: shut up
3:03:58 PM Andrew C: don’t ruin it for me
3:04:01 PM Mike D: A female is a stickfigure with 2 cirles
3:04:06 PM Andrew C: lies!!!
3:04:14 PM Mike D: Lol
3:04:27 PM Mike D: Anx maybe a triangle near the legs to show a dress
3:04:59 PM Andrew C: or an upsidedown triangle depending on what the girl stick figure is wearing
3:05:03 PM Andrew C: or lack there of
3:05:20 PM Andrew C: although the upside down triangle would have to be much smaller
3:05:26 PM Andrew C: or that would just be awkward
3:05:33 PM Mike D: Indeed. Though I hope the size of said triangle also changes
3:05:41 PM Mike D: Lol
3:05:43 PM Andrew C: you type too slow man
3:05:48 PM Andrew C: you need fucking mavis beacon
3:06:03 PM Mike D: Maybe the big one means child bearing hips
3:06:20 PM Mike D: It don’t think there is a “mavis beacon teaches touch screen textinv”
3:06:33 PM Andrew C: i’m sure if there isn’t there soon will be
3:06:53 PM Mike D: Rule number 36?
3:07:05 PM Andrew C: huh what now?
3:07:12 PM Mike D: Yes Mavis beacon porn
3:07:28 PM Mike D: Or is that rule 37. I always forget
3:07:39 PM Mike D: Of the internet
3:07:51 PM Mike D: If yoy think of something. If there isn’t porn of it. There will be
3:07:55 PM Andrew C: sorry man, but the old box cover of mavis beacon popped into my head
3:08:00 PM Andrew C: and i couldn’t help but shudder
3:08:06 PM Mike D: Haha
3:08:31 PM Mike D: Dude she’s ghetto pimp now. A real OG.
3:09:01 PM Andrew C:
3:09:04 PM Andrew C: ok
3:09:14 PM Andrew C: to be fair, i guess my memory was a bit cloudy
3:09:27 PM Andrew C: she doesn’t look as bad as i remember
3:11:34 PM Mike D: Dude she’s smokin. I’d do her


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