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January 27, 2011 / Corbin

All hail our computer overlords

that's obviously mike, cause you can tell he's not using a mac

A little more one-sided than normal, but to be fair… he was at work 😛

Changed status to Away (12:58:02 PM)
Changed status to Away: Sleeping
1:55:55 PM Andrew C: you are not sleeping
1:55:59 PM Andrew C: stop being a liar
2:02:26 PM Mike D: I’m not. Maybe your computer is lying
2:02:41 PM Andrew C: maybe your computer is lying
2:02:46 PM Andrew C: and it’s lying to YOU
2:02:55 PM Mike D: Nope
2:03:33 PM Andrew C: maybe it was like superman 3 or whatever and while you were sleeping its computer like tentacles went into your mouth and took control of your body
2:03:39 PM Andrew C: so now you’re lying to yourself!
2:03:59 PM Andrew C: shit man what would superman do?
2:04:11 PM Andrew C: give me a few hours i gotta go watch the movie again
2:04:41 PM Mike D: Lol ok
2:04:56 PM Andrew C: nah too much effort
2:05:04 PM Andrew C: good luck being android mike
2:05:28 PM Andrew C: at least if i turn into a computer controlled slave I’ll look good
2:05:32 PM Andrew C: cause a mac turned me
2:06:03 PM Andrew C: you’ll have like circuit boards sticking out of your spine
2:06:16 PM Andrew C: and i’ll have a sleek machined aluminum body
2:06:21 PM Andrew C: what now son!
2:06:40 PM Mike D: Least ill be useful
2:06:42 PM Andrew C: all hail our new computer overloards
2:06:46 PM Andrew C: psh
2:06:52 PM Andrew C: who cares about useful?
2:06:54 PM Mike D: BURN
2:07:00 PM Mike D: Lol
2:07:09 PM Andrew C: look at all the useless people we have in the world already
2:07:17 PM Andrew C: do you think they care about being useful
2:07:19 PM Andrew C: fucking no
2:07:37 PM Andrew C: why should i care if i’m useful
2:07:46 PM Andrew C: i’ll look good there buddy
2:10:07 PM Mike D: Lol. Gotta go for 40 minutes
2:10:15 PM Andrew C: lame sauce


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  1. Ametto Ametto / Jan 27 2011 3:50 pm

    I drew that!

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