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January 26, 2011 / Corbin

Korean Regis and Kelly play baseball

9:54:17 AM Andrew C: i’m not really worried about it
9:54:29 AM Andrew C: it’s not like i plan on staying in korea or anything
9:54:29 AM Mike D: whys that
9:54:35 AM Mike D: yeah thats true
9:54:44 AM Mike D: how are the korean baseball teams
9:54:57 AM Andrew C: pretty good
9:55:08 AM Mike D: so shit compared to the yankees?
9:55:16 AM Andrew C: it’s a hugely different atmosphere than baseball games in the states though
9:55:32 AM Mike D: how so
9:57:19 AM Andrew C:
9:57:53 AM Mike D: dude there are tons of asains there, wtf
9:58:03 AM Andrew C: then check out the video of “korean baseball cheerleaders”
9:58:20 AM Mike D: i was gonna say that stadium is fucking huge
9:58:30 AM Mike D: then i realized it doubles as a starcraft tournament stadium
9:58:40 AM Andrew C: hahha could be
9:59:02 AM Mike D: these cheerleaders are wearing WAY to much clothing
9:59:33 AM Mike D: they are just dancing
9:59:40 AM Mike D: im kind of underwhelmed
9:59:51 AM Mike D: they are hot though
9:59:56 AM Andrew C: it’s a lot different when you’re in the crowd
10:00:02 AM Mike D: how so
10:00:29 AM Mike D: you know what sucks about waking up this early and not having work?
10:01:24 AM Andrew C: what’s that?
10:01:39 AM Mike D: i just watching live with regas and kelly, cause there was nothing else on
10:01:49 AM Andrew C: wow dude
10:02:16 AM Mike D: yeah i know
10:02:23 AM Mike D: the worst part, was i was entertained
10:02:28 AM Andrew C: …


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