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January 26, 2011 / Corbin

Kim Jong Il’s a bit of a dick

2:44:33 PM Andrew C: korea’s okay an all but it’s not a place i want to stay for a long period of time
2:44:50 PM Andrew C: i guess it’s better i found out now… but meh
2:44:53 PM Mike D: Yeah I’m not surprised
2:44:57 PM Mike D: yeah
2:45:58 PM Mike D: meet Kim jing ill yet?
2:46:03 PM Andrew C: so i think i’m going to stay in the states for about a year before i leave for japan
2:46:15 PM Andrew C: so we’ll definitely have to hang out
2:46:44 PM Mike D: Course
2:47:06 PM Andrew C: nah, he’s kind of a prick, i told him i was coming by and he was all “i’m too busy”
2:47:07 PM Andrew C: what a dick


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