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January 26, 2011 / Corbin

FABLED series of relic-like tubes

8:30:30 AM Andrew C: it’s that in case you didn’t look on fb
8:30:31 AM Andrew C: :-p
8:30:50 AM Mike D: Nice
8:31:10 AM Mike D: What’s this “Facebook” you speak of
8:31:11 AM Mike D: Wait
8:31:27 AM Andrew C: it’s on this series of tubes i heard about from al gore
8:31:33 AM Mike D: You mean the FABLED “Facebook” of the great social networking era?!
8:31:44 AM Mike D: It has been uncovered?
8:32:15 AM Mike D: From the ancient ruins of the “information super highway”… I thought it was just a myth
8:32:33 AM Andrew C: the facebook fossils have indeed been uncovered
8:32:39 AM Mike D: But the physical highway… A series of tubes you say? Ingenius
8:32:42 AM Andrew C: relics of a simpler age
8:32:49 AM Mike D: Indeed
8:32:52 AM Andrew C: hahaha
8:32:59 AM Mike D: Good times


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