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February 13, 2011 / Corbin

We has us an artist!

we wouldn't really do this mind you

2:58:59 PM Andrew C: and i might add we has us an artist too
2:59:01 PM Mike D: Fool
2:59:12 PM Mike D: An artist?
2:59:19 PM Andrew C: yup
2:59:31 PM Andrew C: cause i’m that damn good at getting people to collaborate
2:59:55 PM Mike D: Lol nice. Now we just need to turn it into a web comic
3:00:25 PM Andrew C: nah
3:00:33 PM Andrew C: i’m thinking the banter stands on it’s own
3:00:47 PM Andrew C: but one picture at the top would add to the amusement
3:00:47 PM Mike D: What would the artist do then?
3:01:19 PM Mike D: I think an illistration for each would work too
3:01:39 PM Mike D: Like Jesus full of bullet holes. Or a person with circuit boards everywhere
3:02:05 PM Andrew C: actually for the computer overloards one
3:02:07 PM Mike D: Something to aid in the exposition
3:02:17 PM Andrew C: i was picturing you being raped by a pc monitor
3:02:22 PM Andrew C: not just raped
3:02:23 PM Mike D: It can be more than I picture!
3:02:28 PM Andrew C: tentacle raped
3:02:52 PM Andrew C: it’s more than you ever imagined!!!
3:02:58 PM Mike D: Sorry dude. I didn’t know you liked thinking about dudes getting raped
3:03:09 PM Andrew C: but yes something to aid in the exposition
3:03:15 PM Andrew C: hey they’ll be stick figures
3:03:27 PM Andrew C: and we all know female stick figures don’t have boobs
3:03:34 PM Andrew C: so i choose to think of it that way
3:03:36 PM Mike D: No I don’t think stick figures would work very well
3:03:49 PM Mike D: They do though
3:03:52 PM Andrew C: i’m thinking xkcd style
3:03:54 PM Andrew C: shut up
3:03:58 PM Andrew C: don’t ruin it for me
3:04:01 PM Mike D: A female is a stickfigure with 2 cirles
3:04:06 PM Andrew C: lies!!!
3:04:14 PM Mike D: Lol
3:04:27 PM Mike D: Anx maybe a triangle near the legs to show a dress
3:04:59 PM Andrew C: or an upsidedown triangle depending on what the girl stick figure is wearing
3:05:03 PM Andrew C: or lack there of
3:05:20 PM Andrew C: although the upside down triangle would have to be much smaller
3:05:26 PM Andrew C: or that would just be awkward
3:05:33 PM Mike D: Indeed. Though I hope the size of said triangle also changes
3:05:41 PM Mike D: Lol
3:05:43 PM Andrew C: you type too slow man
3:05:48 PM Andrew C: you need fucking mavis beacon
3:06:03 PM Mike D: Maybe the big one means child bearing hips
3:06:20 PM Mike D: It don’t think there is a “mavis beacon teaches touch screen textinv”
3:06:33 PM Andrew C: i’m sure if there isn’t there soon will be
3:06:53 PM Mike D: Rule number 36?
3:07:05 PM Andrew C: huh what now?
3:07:12 PM Mike D: Yes Mavis beacon porn
3:07:28 PM Mike D: Or is that rule 37. I always forget
3:07:39 PM Mike D: Of the internet
3:07:51 PM Mike D: If yoy think of something. If there isn’t porn of it. There will be
3:07:55 PM Andrew C: sorry man, but the old box cover of mavis beacon popped into my head
3:08:00 PM Andrew C: and i couldn’t help but shudder
3:08:06 PM Mike D: Haha
3:08:31 PM Mike D: Dude she’s ghetto pimp now. A real OG.
3:09:01 PM Andrew C:
3:09:04 PM Andrew C: ok
3:09:14 PM Andrew C: to be fair, i guess my memory was a bit cloudy
3:09:27 PM Andrew C: she doesn’t look as bad as i remember
3:11:34 PM Mike D: Dude she’s smokin. I’d do her

January 27, 2011 / Corbin

All hail our computer overlords

that's obviously mike, cause you can tell he's not using a mac

A little more one-sided than normal, but to be fair… he was at work 😛

Changed status to Away (12:58:02 PM)
Changed status to Away: Sleeping
1:55:55 PM Andrew C: you are not sleeping
1:55:59 PM Andrew C: stop being a liar
2:02:26 PM Mike D: I’m not. Maybe your computer is lying
2:02:41 PM Andrew C: maybe your computer is lying
2:02:46 PM Andrew C: and it’s lying to YOU
2:02:55 PM Mike D: Nope
2:03:33 PM Andrew C: maybe it was like superman 3 or whatever and while you were sleeping its computer like tentacles went into your mouth and took control of your body
2:03:39 PM Andrew C: so now you’re lying to yourself!
2:03:59 PM Andrew C: shit man what would superman do?
2:04:11 PM Andrew C: give me a few hours i gotta go watch the movie again
2:04:41 PM Mike D: Lol ok
2:04:56 PM Andrew C: nah too much effort
2:05:04 PM Andrew C: good luck being android mike
2:05:28 PM Andrew C: at least if i turn into a computer controlled slave I’ll look good
2:05:32 PM Andrew C: cause a mac turned me
2:06:03 PM Andrew C: you’ll have like circuit boards sticking out of your spine
2:06:16 PM Andrew C: and i’ll have a sleek machined aluminum body
2:06:21 PM Andrew C: what now son!
2:06:40 PM Mike D: Least ill be useful
2:06:42 PM Andrew C: all hail our new computer overloards
2:06:46 PM Andrew C: psh
2:06:52 PM Andrew C: who cares about useful?
2:06:54 PM Mike D: BURN
2:07:00 PM Mike D: Lol
2:07:09 PM Andrew C: look at all the useless people we have in the world already
2:07:17 PM Andrew C: do you think they care about being useful
2:07:19 PM Andrew C: fucking no
2:07:37 PM Andrew C: why should i care if i’m useful
2:07:46 PM Andrew C: i’ll look good there buddy
2:10:07 PM Mike D: Lol. Gotta go for 40 minutes
2:10:15 PM Andrew C: lame sauce

January 26, 2011 / Corbin

Jesus: The Game

health +20% ?

3:35:50 PM Andrew C: i might find that i won’t need to go to grad school
3:36:03 PM Andrew C: it would be a hell of a good time, but is the debt really worth it?
3:36:06 PM Andrew C: i don’t really know
3:36:35 PM Mike D: Yeah. Who knows
3:36:45 PM Andrew C: God knows
3:36:51 PM Andrew C: :p
3:37:01 PM Mike D: Then fucking ask him!
3:37:18 PM Andrew C: he and i aren’t speaking at the moment
3:37:27 PM Andrew C: i think he’s been a bit of a bastard lately
3:37:37 PM Mike D: Lol
3:37:50 PM Andrew C: and when you think about it really, jesus is actually a bastard
3:37:56 PM Andrew C: God and Mary didn’t get married
3:38:09 PM Mike D: Yeah I know. Sucks to be him
3:38:10 PM Andrew C: so he’s a holy bastard
3:38:46 PM Mike D: Oh he’s holy all right. Right after I fill him full of lead
3:39:10 PM Andrew C: sure
3:39:16 PM Mike D: Lol
3:40:38 PM Mike D: We will test his deific powers with bullets
3:41:07 PM Andrew C: really taking three days to come back to life doesn’t really seem all that super
3:41:15 PM Andrew C: i mean i can respawn in seconds
3:41:26 PM Andrew C: just sayin
3:41:37 PM Mike D: Its true
3:41:51 PM Andrew C: i mean, his godmode really isn’t all that good of a cheat code
3:42:03 PM Andrew C: get nailed to a cross and die for three days
3:42:29 PM Mike D: Yeah
3:42:38 PM Andrew C: cause i really want to do that every time i put in the code for duke nukeum
3:42:48 PM Andrew C: it would take forever to finish the damn game
3:43:17 PM Mike D: Unless you don’t die
3:43:23 PM Andrew C: “oh fuck, died again… gotta wait three days”
3:43:35 PM Andrew C: he’s not bullet proof! they fucking nailed his hands
3:43:42 PM Andrew C: health went down to 0
3:43:56 PM Andrew C: game over
3:44:03 PM Andrew C: continue? yes? wait three fucking days
3:44:19 PM Mike D: Lol
3:44:20 PM Andrew C: is that real time or game time? they’re the same…
3:44:34 PM Mike D: Lo l
3:44:59 PM Andrew C: seriously… jesus: the game would be a horrible shooter title
3:45:08 PM Andrew C: probably not even one star
3:45:22 PM Mike D: Yeah
3:45:35 PM Andrew C: the health pack would be a fucking mud pie
3:46:11 PM Andrew C: or maybe flavored sand… i dunno
3:46:52 PM Andrew C: you know, i just thought about this
3:47:00 PM Andrew C: he raised lazarus from the dead in one day
3:47:11 PM Andrew C: why couldn’t he come back to life in less than three
3:47:13 PM Andrew C: ?
3:47:23 PM Mike D: Magic
3:47:57 PM Andrew C: so why are the rules different if he uses the spell on someone else than if he used it on himself
3:48:08 PM Andrew C: i mean is it a burst effect or blast?
3:48:14 PM Andrew C: make up your mind
3:48:15 PM Andrew C: sheesh
3:48:47 PM Mike D: Delayed cast
3:51:31 PM Andrew C: psh, hackz
3:52:06 PM Mike D: Lol

January 26, 2011 / Corbin

Kim Jong Il’s a bit of a dick

2:44:33 PM Andrew C: korea’s okay an all but it’s not a place i want to stay for a long period of time
2:44:50 PM Andrew C: i guess it’s better i found out now… but meh
2:44:53 PM Mike D: Yeah I’m not surprised
2:44:57 PM Mike D: yeah
2:45:58 PM Mike D: meet Kim jing ill yet?
2:46:03 PM Andrew C: so i think i’m going to stay in the states for about a year before i leave for japan
2:46:15 PM Andrew C: so we’ll definitely have to hang out
2:46:44 PM Mike D: Course
2:47:06 PM Andrew C: nah, he’s kind of a prick, i told him i was coming by and he was all “i’m too busy”
2:47:07 PM Andrew C: what a dick

January 26, 2011 / Corbin

Korean Regis and Kelly play baseball

9:54:17 AM Andrew C: i’m not really worried about it
9:54:29 AM Andrew C: it’s not like i plan on staying in korea or anything
9:54:29 AM Mike D: whys that
9:54:35 AM Mike D: yeah thats true
9:54:44 AM Mike D: how are the korean baseball teams
9:54:57 AM Andrew C: pretty good
9:55:08 AM Mike D: so shit compared to the yankees?
9:55:16 AM Andrew C: it’s a hugely different atmosphere than baseball games in the states though
9:55:32 AM Mike D: how so
9:57:19 AM Andrew C:
9:57:53 AM Mike D: dude there are tons of asains there, wtf
9:58:03 AM Andrew C: then check out the video of “korean baseball cheerleaders”
9:58:20 AM Mike D: i was gonna say that stadium is fucking huge
9:58:30 AM Mike D: then i realized it doubles as a starcraft tournament stadium
9:58:40 AM Andrew C: hahha could be
9:59:02 AM Mike D: these cheerleaders are wearing WAY to much clothing
9:59:33 AM Mike D: they are just dancing
9:59:40 AM Mike D: im kind of underwhelmed
9:59:51 AM Mike D: they are hot though
9:59:56 AM Andrew C: it’s a lot different when you’re in the crowd
10:00:02 AM Mike D: how so
10:00:29 AM Mike D: you know what sucks about waking up this early and not having work?
10:01:24 AM Andrew C: what’s that?
10:01:39 AM Mike D: i just watching live with regas and kelly, cause there was nothing else on
10:01:49 AM Andrew C: wow dude
10:02:16 AM Mike D: yeah i know
10:02:23 AM Mike D: the worst part, was i was entertained
10:02:28 AM Andrew C: …

January 26, 2011 / Corbin

FABLED series of relic-like tubes

8:30:30 AM Andrew C: it’s that in case you didn’t look on fb
8:30:31 AM Andrew C: :-p
8:30:50 AM Mike D: Nice
8:31:10 AM Mike D: What’s this “Facebook” you speak of
8:31:11 AM Mike D: Wait
8:31:27 AM Andrew C: it’s on this series of tubes i heard about from al gore
8:31:33 AM Mike D: You mean the FABLED “Facebook” of the great social networking era?!
8:31:44 AM Mike D: It has been uncovered?
8:32:15 AM Mike D: From the ancient ruins of the “information super highway”… I thought it was just a myth
8:32:33 AM Andrew C: the facebook fossils have indeed been uncovered
8:32:39 AM Mike D: But the physical highway… A series of tubes you say? Ingenius
8:32:42 AM Andrew C: relics of a simpler age
8:32:49 AM Mike D: Indeed
8:32:52 AM Andrew C: hahaha
8:32:59 AM Mike D: Good times

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